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Alarm Reporting :-
Abascus INC covers a variety of Emergency Communication, Alarm Reporting and Mass communications systems manufactured by Signal Communications Corporation. Product Range includes the following:

  • Motorist Aid System
    The Motorist Aid System offers a complete motorist aid emergency response system from the highway call box to the dispatching program.
  • Radio Alarm Reporting
    This system is used to transmit alarm messages, report incidents and control operations at remote locations. Alarms and control operations are communicated either via intelligent radio or fiber-optic networks.
  • Audio Evacuation
    Combined tones, pre-recorded messages and live voice enhance understanding and reaction during an emergency. Emergency Voice/Alarm panels are full featured, in capacities 25w to 200w.
  • Commercial Fire
    The Commercial Fire products include a range of manual alarm initiating devices and accessories. Every Commercial Fire Product has been designed and ULI tested for full compliance with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Fire and Industries Notification:
    This section includes audible, visual and A/V combinations. Notification appliances are Listed and Approved for fire alarm and/or General Purpose Only.

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