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Fire Alarm Systems :-

Abascus Inc carries the latest analog addressable fire detection systems to integrated commercial security/fire panels. We also stock a complete selection of supporting devices, signal appliances, annunciators, pull stations, smoke and heat detectors, and fire alarm cables. From standalone fire alarms to complex integrated systems, our systems specialists provide quality products and solutions every day.

Among the many products and categories in fire alarms we support are Mircom fire alarms, Firelite fire alarms, Silent Knight fire alarms, System Sensor smoke detectors, ESL smoke detectors, Gentex smoke detectors, Sigcom manual pull stations, carbon monoxide detectors, horns, strobes, fire alarm signaling systems and fire alarm batteries.

FA-100 Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
FA-200 Series Low Zone Fire Alarm Control Panels
FA-300 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels
FA-1000 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels
FX-2000 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels
QX-5000 Series Voice Evacuation System
PRO-2000 Series Intelligent Fire & Gas Control Panels
Manual Pull Stations
Audible Devices
Visual Signals
Smoke and Heat Detectors
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